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What our customers are saying

Having Andrew and his employees help us to downsize from our family home to an apartment was the best decision we ever made. Everything was organized and prearranged so that our move went off smoothly. Without his help we never could have met all the deadlines before closing. If you are moving or need to clean out a home, you should contact Andrew for a stress free experience. I highly recommend him.
​​Ronnie and Richard K.
East Brunswick, NJ

Just want to express my gratitude for the exceptional job you did in cleaning out my mother's condo apartment this year. Thanks to your skills, we were able to quickly and efficiently organize all her furniture, household items, appliances, kitchenware, bedding, and even her clothes into categories of keep/sell/donate/discard.  

What was even more helpful was the way you arranged all the donations, leaving my mother's apartment completely cleared within a short time span.  As a result, the apartment could be sold without delay.  Moreover, the charities provided receipts, which allowed my mother to earn a tax credit on
her donations.

You simplified an overwhelming time in our lives, and I would highly recommend your service to anyone who finds themselves in the same situation of having to clean out an entire apartment or house.

Sara U.
Monroe, NJ

"I am a dentist in Clifton and I had some outdated equipment and supplies cluttering up much needed office space. Instead of putting it out to the curb, Andrew helped me not only sell the unwanted items, but also got me unexpected cash for his efforts with minimal effort from me."

Hal W.
Clifton, NJ


The service you provide by donating items from cleanouts to our crisis room helps clients to buy items at affordable prices. Additionally, the money earned from these sales helps to stock our food pantry. It is thanks to people like you that we are able to help so many.
Diane H.
Aldersgate Crisis Room
​East Brunswick